Project Description

10″ Tenor Banjo Ukulele

These banjo ukes are the result of a request by a Montecito client for a “loud one”.

My  10″ diameter rim version ( increased volume) has a 17″ tenor scale length.

The rims are constructed from stacked octagons of Bolivian Rosewood turned on a machine lathe and are trimmed with ebony.

The neck construction is two piece book-matched Bolivian Rosewood and glued with Gorilla waterproof glue. I epoxy 1/4″ 20 stainless threaded rod into drilled and tapped holes in the neck heel and bolt the rim to the neck. The tension ring recess is minimal. The neck heel seats perfectly thanks to a jig I built for sanding it true and with exactly 3 degrees of back tilt. As you can see from the photos it has a rich brown colour with lighter and darker tones. I finish it to 1200 grit and seal it with tung oil sealer.  It is smooth as glass.  I do not use glossy finishes and find that the hand rubbed tung oil seals the wood but lets your hand feel it as though it was bare wood.  On old well used banjos the shiny finish is inevitably worn off and they feel wonderful. My banjos start there but are sealed.

I drill and tap a polished 1/2″ diameter solid  brass rod as a single co-ordinator rod from the lower rim bolt to the tail bolt which is also 1/4″ threaded stainless. 

I use Nigerian black ebony for the fret board, peg head and heel as well as the rim heel.

I use gold Gotoh double band tuners with black buttons.

PRICE $2395 – comes with soft gig bag

As of January, 2017 I will be offering 3 Dobson tone ring equipped versions of this instrument  for $2495.00