Project Description

11″ and 12″ Dobson  banjos

These 5 string Dobson banjos are built from American Black Walnut, Padauk, Pacific Yew and Pau Ferro  (Bolivian Rosewood). The necks are two piece  book match construction with a centre strip of red/ white/ red veneer. The width at the nut is 1 1/4″ with a ebony or cocobolo fretboard and  MOP star position markers  in a Milky Way pattern or 1/4″ dots and 3/32″ side dots. The fingerboard  is a 26 3/16″ scale.

The peg heads and neck heels as well as the rim heels are ebony. The necks are adjustable from the heel with a two way rod.

The block rims are built with a bolting ledge for the fastening of the hooks and nuts or straight sided with raw brass ball shoes. The co-ordinator rod  in each banjo is 1/2″ solid  polished brass drilled and tapped for 1/4″-20 stainless attachment bolts into the neck and tail bolt. The neck bolts are drilled, tapped for 1/4″/20 and epoxied into place.

The notched raw brass tension ring, hooks and ball end nuts are supplied by Bill Rickard.

The bridges are compensated moon design and are set up as asymmetrics as the 5th string is moved out board to hang very close to the edge of the claw hammer scoop. I use either Pau Ferro or Brazilian “couchwood” for my moon bridges.

I hand rub two coats of tung oil sealer as a finish that protects the wood but feels  great.

The tailpiece is integral. I drill and tap the brass tension ring and thread in stainless 8/32 set screws to secure loop end strings.

The prices run from $1895 to $3395 CAD. Please inquire