Project Description

20 string Veena with German silver full body, 25″ scale

I have replaced the original wood arch top guitar design with a deep German Silver body, both layers of strings coming to a two level Beard spider bridge and cone.

The upper strings consist of three melody strings tuned DAD and five drone strings tuned dDDAA.

The lower sympathetic strings are DCDEFGGAABCD and have tuners along the side of the neck.
 The sitar sounding sympathetic strings run across a slotted carbon fibre tipping plate bridge that rests in a lower tunnel slot in the spider bridge. It is set screw adjustable to get the sitar sound. 
The connection of upper playing strings and lower sympathetics is direct through their shared bridge.
 The neck runs the full length of the instrument without a joint or dowel socket where the neck meets the body. I carve them from a full length, book matched two piece blank of Bolivian rosewood. I attribute their long sustain to this unique construction as there is no glue line or joint to interrupt the vibration of the whole length of the instrument.

Tuners are Gotoh.

The pickup is a National asymmetric humbucker suspended between the upper playing strings and the lower sympathetic sitar strings

PRICE $5800.00