Project Description

Parlor-sized German Silver Cutaway

The parlor cutaway body is made from German Silver, a nickel brass that has the appearance of silver, does not tarnish and has a natural reverberation.

This instrument has a single cone biscuit bridge construction but with a deeper sound well and taller bridge which contributes to a bright clear high end. The neck runs the full length of the instrument without a joint or dowel socket where the neck meets the body. I carve the neck from a full length book-matched two piece blank of Bolivian rosewood. I attribute their long sustain to this unique construction as there is no glue socket or joint to interrupt the vibration of the whole length of the instrument. 
Tuners are Gotoh 510 18:1 ratio.

National hot plate is available ($400.00) for the amplified version. 
Scale length is 21.5″ with 12 frets to the body.

PRICE $2400.00

* Also available in a 24.9″ scale – $2850.00