Project Description

Hockey Stick Guitar / Bass

This is a four string instrument designed (after a request from Harry Manx) to be played as a lap slide hybrid guitar / bass.

With a 30″ scale and heavy strings the F#F#C#F# tuning growls. String diameters are .065″, .035″, .018″ and .016″ Elixirs.

The “Hockey Stick” is built in my shop from vertical grain Eastern Maple. The tuners are Gotoh sealed mini bass and high ratio guitar tuners.

The Nigerian Ebony fretboard is inlaid with brass flush frets and the position markers are white MOP dots. I build a combined bridge and tailpiece from brass and Rosewood to adjust individually with spring loaded set screws the intonation of each string. The brass bridge sections are mounted on individual Rosewood blocks.

The instrument is hand rubbed with tung oil sealer finish.

The pickup is a Lace square neck dobro sensor.

To stabilize this lap instrument while maintaining the hockey stick look there are two foam backed swing out stabilizers on the back and a swing out finger rest between the backup and the bridge. The stabilizers swing out for playing and swing in out of the way for travel.

The price is $450.00 and it fits in a 4″ x 10″ x 48″ hard shell rifle case.