Project Description

Reso electric Bass

This is a four string bass Ukulele I designed with flush frets, rubber strings, a National resonator cone and bell brass body.

The tuners are  gold Gotoh.

The Nigerian Ebony fretboard is inlaid with German Silver flush frets and the position markers are white MOP dots.

The neck is mahogany hand rubbed with tung oil sealer finish.

The pickup is a Highlander  custom designed for this unique bass. It is a 9 volt system back fed with a stereo cable from an external in-line battery box.It processes the pick-up signal and presents as a much larger bass. This size advantage as well as the rubber strings allows players with tendonitis to continue to play bass because its like playing air.  It does require a refinement of touch as thr rubber strings are very responsive

It comes with a foam lined aluminum travel case supplied at cost.

Price $2500 CAD