Jumbo Veena

July 2nd, 2015|Categories: Videos|

This jumbo body 20 string resonator veena was built by Grant Wickland, Salt Spring Island, B.C. and is being played by Harry Manx. The three piece neck is full length, constructed of Bolivian rosewood. The fretboard is ebony with MOP position markers.There are 20 Gotoh tuners and Elixir strings picked up with two Lace pickups, one for each string level. The body is German Silver built from scratch in my shop.The biscuit bridge has been redesigned to carry the 12 lower sympathetic sitar strings and the upper melody and drone strings. The metal body produces a natural reverb with a 10 1/2" cone and deeper sound well and is 3 3/4" deep.

Harry Manx 12″ 6 String Walnut

July 2nd, 2015|Categories: Videos|

Harry Manx playing a six string 12" Black Walnut block rim banjo built by Grant Wickland, Salt Spring Island, B.C.